Living Room Window Decor: Perfect Curtain Ideas

living room window decor perfect curtain

Window decor is seriously important and frequently overlooked part of a living room. They can be purely decor, functional, or strike a balance between the two, depending on your space. Living room window decor is the most common thing for everyone. For living room window decor curtains is the best option for your home.

Having the best windows is the main plus in any home. They include quality and give much coveted natural light. Without living room window decor, however, the place will look unfinished.

Window decor is the best way to include color, design and immediate style to your living room. Curtains ideas are the best for your living room window decor. There are many types of window curtains.

So to use curtains or not to use curtains? That will always be the question. Keeping curtains is usually an overlooked design decision. But it can really break or make space. Get excited to find the best and perfect pair for your living room window decor to use best living room curtains.

Window decor is the best way to include color, designs, and instant style to your living room.  So if you have large windows in your living room and you want to decorate, so there are lots of easy and different options to choose from that will help enhance your window space.

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Best Window Curtains or Drapes For Your Living Room

1. Breezy Coastal Curtains

breezy coastal curtains
breezy coastal curtains

The beautiful curtains in every palm beach apartment make the coastal living all the extra breezy. This breezy coastal option is also best for your bedroom curtains. And this best breezy coastal curtains perfect for your living room window decor.

2. Sheer Curtains

sheer curtainsIf you’re lacking on windows decor, select sheer panels for the best light. And it’ll help prevent the living room from feeling too closed off. This is the best option for living room window treatments.

3. Tall Curtains


The tall drapes create difference and make a living room feel bigger. The bright green in everyone’s living room plays off the art. And this is the best curtains ideas out of all living room curtains ideas.

4. Lavender Curtains

lavender curtain
lavender curtain

A dark living room can look hard, so give the style with pastel curtains. To make it feel extra cohesive, match your curtains for a living room lamp. And this is the best and perfect curtains design for your living room window decor.

5. Chevron Curtains

chevron curtains
chevron curtains

Play up colored walls with a beautifully patterned curtain in the same color/shade. This chevron print seems fun yet still traditional in your living room. Also, this is the elegant window treatment ideas for living room.

6. Wildly Patterned Curtains

wildly patterned curtains
wildly patterned curtains

This lively São Paulo duplex spares no design in your living room, and the gray and black curtains are no exception. Hence the sofa is covered in a Rubelli velvet and its look very elegant. This idea shows the unique living room drapes.

7. Sea Green Curtains

sea green curtain
sea green curtain

If you live by the beach, play up the set with light and soft greens and blues. Therefore the pastel shade with a smooth fabric feels light and airy in your living room window decor. And this room curtain is pretty for your window drapes.

8. Whimsical Printed Curtains

whimsical printed curtains
whimsical printed curtains

Curtain fabric in a starfish-and-coral design is perfect in a beach house living room window decor. So if you don’t want it to seems too tropical, contrast it with a dark and deep, neutral wall. And whimsical printed is the best curtains design for your living room window treatments.

9. Taffeta Window Curtains

taffeta window curtains
taffeta window curtains

Box-pleat decor on the unlined silk taffeta curtains in your apartment living room gives you a touch of femininity and fantasy. A light or soft blue makes them feel even more light. Taffeta window curtains are the best and unique out of house curtains ideas.

10. Pale Yellow Curtains

pale yellow curtain
pale yellow curtain

The bright yellow curtains in your house designed by Celerie Kemble maintain the living room’s yellow-and-blue theme. The cover is inset with a felt paper by Star, the living room walls are painted in a high gloss by Fine Paints of Europe and the rug is by Merida. Pale yellow curtains are also best for living room window treatments for large windows.

11. Orange Shades Curtains

orange shade curtain
orange shade curtain

Floor-to-ceiling curtains create low ceilings feel higher. If bold colors scare you. So try a pop of color on the trim only in your living room window decor. For this living room, shades window coverings are most important.

12. Blinds And Curtains

blinds and curtains
blinds and curtains

Refuse to select between two elegant window treatment styles. Matchstick blinds complete the functional design of darkening the living room. While beautiful curtains include a burst of color in your living room window decor.

13. Blue & White Curtains

blue & white curtains
blue & white curtains

The blue and white is the latest and ultimate color palette for the best and big living room. Keep it subtle by keeping white pretty curtains with blue trim in living room window decor.

14. Blue Curtains

blue curtain

Your large and elegant living room frames arched windows with light blue curtains. They break up the otherwise dull/neutral area. Use blue curtains is the best curtain decor ideas for your living room window decor.

15. Pink Linen Shades Curtains

pink linen shades curtains
pink linen shades curtains

Linen curtains might be unpredictable with a marble-and-granite checkerboard floor and grass-cloth walls in your living room. But they help to include a coastal, comfortable feel. The pink shade pops against the natural-colored walls in your living room. Use linen curtains is perfect window designs for the living room.

16. Tassel Fringed Curtains

tassel fringed curtains
tassel fringed curtains

This living room plays on texture, color, and design. The ornate drapes are full-on boho goals. It is perfect hall curtains for your window decor.

17. Creamy White Curtains

creamy white curtain
creamy white curtain

Gray and white window curtains combine seamlessly into your apartment that provides old-school decorating an all-white makeover. The white light or chandelier is in the style of Diego Giacometti. This is a modern window treatment for your living room window decor.

18. Abstract Printed Curtains

abstract printed curtains

If you have patterned wallpaper in your living room. So make your curtains stand out with an even more difficult print. Select colors in a different shade from your living room wall and also living room window decor for more pop.

19. Zebra-Striped Curtains

zebra-striped curtains

Zebra types of curtains might sound a little wild for your tastes, but hold up. It can really be seriously chic and subdued if you select a light blue and white as opposed to a stark black and white. This types of curtains are actually suits in your living room window decor.

20. Paisley Curtains

paisley curtains

This living room window contrasts pink paisley curtains with green filling. It seems active or energetic and vibrant, rather than overtly feminine. The use of this curtain in your living room is the best for window dressing.

21. Neat Blue Curtains

neat blue curtain

A hall opens to a blue-tinted living room. Which features cool and fresh blue curtains, in your home. And the walls are decorated in White Dove paint and the ceiling in Stone Brown, both by Benjamin Moore. Hence this design is one of the latest curtain designs.

22. Stately Curtains

stately curtain

Neutral curtains with the braided trim place in your living room vibrant red colors. And the sofa/couch is covered in beautiful velvet fabric and the cocktail table is just look amazing with this great and latest curtain design.

23. Mustard Yellow Curtains

mustard yellow curtain

The mustard yellow curtains are very trendy in New York City. A foursome of mirrors hangs over a Louis XVI mantel in your living room walls gives a best and unique look. And mustard yellow curtain is one of the best and elegant curtains for your living room window decor.

24. Elegant And Tall Curtains

elegand and tall curtain

This type of curtains very useful and comfortable for your living room window decor. Also, these elegant and tall curtains are made of silk fabric. And it look very elegant.

25. Cheery Floral

cheery floral curtain

Yellow is the cherry color of your home’s living room walls, which are beautiful and delightfully accented with curtain fabric by Brunschwig & Fils. So this drapes is best for living room window decor.

26. Quadrille Curtains

quadrille curtain

This type of fabric curtains with just a touch of pretty blue play off the bright or bold turquoise walls painted in C2 Paint Luxe in Bewilder. And these beautiful curtains place four moons in your living room window decor.

27. Bright Yellow Pop

bright yellow pop curtain

A pop of bright yellow lightens an otherwise dull or neutral living room in Todd Alexander Romano’s home, in which the pretty curtains are of a silk taffeta from Brunschwig & Fils. And it is the perfect and unique contrast to the charcoal vintage sofa, covered in a Clarence Home velvet. Also, this type of curtain style is bold and looks amazing.

28. Tan And English

tan and english

In the living room of a London townhouse, neutral or dull curtains include a bout of English elegance to space. Which is decorated with a vintage sofa by Ico Parisi and Otto Schultz chairs included in a Clarence House fabric. The pretty light fixture is by Vilhelm Lauritzen. Also, this Idea is one of the Modern curtain Ideas.

29. Bold Curtains

bold red curtain

When Jeffrey Bilhuber renovated this home in Tuxedo Park, New York, the active or vibrant red curtains were original to the house. The same touches of red can be found in the cushions, which are included in a Schumacher velvet ikat and a Vervain beautiful silk floral. Red curtain for living room window decor is best.

30. Gray Curtains

gray curtain

In a Danish couple’s black-and-white weekend going, gray curtains are a beautiful accent to the monochromatic color design. The patterned rug is by Caravane and the floor light lamp is Achille and Pier Castiglioni’s Arco for Flos. This types of drapes for living room window decor gives a very elegant and smart look.

Advantage Of Using Curtains For Your Living Room Window Decor

Curtains are apparently the most famous and common of all room window coverings and this is not without reason. These coverings come in plenty of textures, designs, fabrics, and patterns to meet every kind of artistic requirement.

Though there are lots of options like blinds, shutters, shades, etc. for living room window decor coverings. Curtains are much taken and are an essential part of every home with some of the window dressing dressed with these.

Here are some advantages of using curtains for living room window decor.

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Light control
  3. Manage privacy
  4. Security
  5. Flexibility and customizable
  6. Affordable and durable

1. Energy Efficiency

Curtains are very great at keeping the hard sunlight out of your home. This helps to maintain modern interiors as well as protect furniture, artifacts, accessories, floorings, etc. In winters they help maintain the temperature of a room making the interiors comfortable.

2. Light Control

Curtains help in simple management of natural light coming into the living room or home. The choice of texture and fabric of curtains is also an important determinant in controlling the light that comes into your living room or another room area.

3. Manage Privacy

Curtains are perfect to maintain and manage privacy in your home and reduce prying lights. Privacy is very needed in areas like the living room, study, and bedroom.

4. Security

Curtains also include the security of a home by blocking external sources from looking into personal spaces.

5. Flexibility And Customizable

Curtains are one of the softest and flexible windows coverings. This is because of the wide selection that they offer. You can pick from a wide range of colors, materials, designs, etc. to match many different rooms.

They include large class and elegance to space. They are also extremely customizable. You can get specific size and shape depending upon your requirement. Also, they can be used for each and any kind of window.

6. Affordable And Durable

Curtains come in a broad range of costs depending upon what you want for your home. There are choices to satisfy every pocket and budget. The extra benefit of this is that since they are affordable.

And you can change them regularly and go for new looks for your home without much financial influence. And curtains these days are of excellent quality and last very long if well taken care of in the right way.


Therefore that’s all about the living room window decor using perfect curtains. So as you can see all the unique and best curtains for your living room window decor. Whether you want to include simply one or all 30 to your living room window decor. So give your living room window the best curtains.

Also, we discuss the benefits or advantages of using curtains in your home all room windows. So if you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your Peers! You can also give your precious and important feedback in the comment section provided below.   


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