Best Things You Need To Know About Modern Home Design

Modern homes these days are not considered merely as a shelter or living place for inhabitants. It has now become status of a comfortable living, especially in urban areas. So, home design has become a phenomena in itself and a crucial aspect that cannot be ignored.

Home design process is mostly a job done by professionals who excels in field of design and architecture, with inputs received from home occupants. Modern home design is simple and well defined.

In order to get design process execution successfully, many factors are considered with great precision like home design itself, color schemes of walls, use of textures and patterns, tile flooring designs, home decor accessories.

Modern homes can be built on different architectural styles like Art Deco, American Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Mid Century modern, Dutch Colonial Revival, Cape Cod and a lot more.

Now, let’s discuss about some facets which are integral to home design.

Modern Home Design Ideas – Concept, Planning and Design


Design is the base of any modern day home. Homes based on traditional architectural styles are stereo-typically based on use of concrete, steel and glasses but, time is changing now.

Concept of minimalism and Technology are the two important factors on which design of a home is focused now a days. Minimalism has become a buzzword. It has become a trend in the past couple of years and it is still spreading out. The other word which can be used interchangeably with minimalism is ‘Simplicity’, simplicity of form, color and space.

As for technological advancement, gone are days when the bricks and mortar were used for construction. Prefab technologies are taking over now. This technology is cost-effective and can be implemented quickly as compared to their traditional counterpart. Prefab technology uses factory-made constituents in construction of modern day homes, apartments and multi stored buildings.


It is like the soul of a body. Before hopping directly with home design, start creating something about which you are not sure or what do you want, you need to brainstorm what you really want. You will get your dream home only once you have clarity in your mind, like your lifestyle, preferences.

Choice of Colors

Colors too plays a great role in process of home design. It really doesn’t matter whether it is interior or exterior of home, colors play an important role. It is been told, that color affect our moods, feelings and behaviour so, choose your color palette wisely. The colors of your walls should portray elegance and soothness.

To accomplish this, you can follow these styles if you wish too: Monochromatic color scheme, colors based on nature or earth tones, bright color tones, vintage looks and custom based styles.


Good lighting is one of the per-requisite in any modern home design. Wall lamps, light with dimmers, desk lamps and sconces are some of the popular examples of lighting used in today’s modern homes.

Like colors, lighting too plays an important role in making the right mood and atmosphere of interior spaces. Different types of lighting are used by interior designers to make appropriate lighting in any room. The key is to find available lighting source and a certain requirement it fulfills.

General lighting is the common among all types and it is associated with overall lighting of the living space. Recessed ceiling lights and downward lighting fixtures are the popular example of general lighting. The other name often used for general lighting is ‘ambient lighting’

Another type of lighting that lighting designers mostly used is Task Lighting. As the name suggests, task lighting is used to meet a particular requirement in any room. Use of task lighting can be seen easily in our kitchens, dressing place or study room.

Other than general and task lighting, there is another type of lighting used by professional lighting designers known as ‘accent lighting’. The basic motto behind using accent lighting to make a powerful visual impact or for decorative purposes. A chandelier, or spot light over an artistic masterpiece is a best example of accent lighting.

Textures and Patterns

Imagine, all the important constituents of a home design are in proper place – colorful walls, home furnishings, home decor accessories but, still something is missing! The answer to this missing link are ‘textures’. Textures are always considered medium to provide an additional touch when it comes to home interiors.

Textures appends visual balance on the surface of the walls. Basically it means, adding textures to the wall space actually gives it power to draw attention towards itself. Adding textures also adds contrast to the visual appearance of the walls. Avoid being texture crazy too, limit the use of two to three defined textures only in a single wall space.

Here are some suggestions that you can use to add texture to your room: Furnishings like wooden benches, marble tabletops can be used to give a distinct feel to living space; Crown moldings, tray ceilings can be used to portray as a focal point in a room; Slipcovers, even blankets can be used to make the room eye-catchy!

Usually, people talked about both textures and patterns together but, they are quite different. Textures give a sense of feeling or touch whereas patterns on other side actually refer to a visual print.

Open Space

The concept of open space gives you the flexibility to choose space according to your needs. To begin with, plan and categorize the space according to the different function. For e.g., where should be kitchen, living room and the dining hall.

While working on the groupings of the home space, do work on focal point of that particular space whether it is kitchen, bedroom, garden so, that it draws everybody attention. Use of negative space is one of the less talked secrets where modern interiors are concerned. Also, when planning space makes sure there should be enough ample space so, that people can move easily between different spaces.

Modern Home Design Ideas – Physical Characteristics

Wall Openings

Windows in any home, or building serves the purpose of providing air ventilation and sunlight. An ideal wall opening design depends on factors like climate condition, place and architectural style.

Following are some of the types of window design, serving different purpose – Swing, Oscillating/Projecting, Tilt-and-Turn, Guillotine/Sliding, Tilting/Pivoting, Foldable and Oscillating-parallel sliding.

Of Course, providing ventilation and natural light are the basic purpose windows serve in any establishment but, in some instances only light are allowed to pass in, not air. These are especially popular in context to indian climatic condition.

Home Furnishings

 Try to maintain simplicity while using furniture for your home. Instead of going for furnishings with traditional looks, go for something trendy! For example, use the lacquered polished piece of furniture that will give the stunning appearance and add charm to your living room. Avoid using, antiques as they may sound misfit in modern home design.

Decorative Accessories

Make sure to buy accessories, that are in color-sync with your home. Do remember that most new home design is based on minimalism concept so, avoiding buying too much of accessories.

Modern Home Design Ideas – Different Functional Areas of a Modern Home

So far we have discussed some tips and features, that are quite must and definitely should be incorporated while planning and designing a modern home. Now, let’s explore some more tips, that are basically the application of above-mentioned aspects in different functional areas of home space. Let’s begin!

Dining Hall

Plan first, what you really want in your dining area. For e.g. type of furniture like simple or want furniture with an elegant look. Are you okay with fine dining or you want a bar too! Choose pieces of furniture wisely, matching the design, color scheme, and concept of your house.


Personal preferences and tastes of the homeowner matters here. If you are in favor of having minimal lighting requirement, use light colors but, use dark colored curtains. Some homeowners also prefer to have their own bathrooms, spas and even swimming pool connected to their bedroom.


Ask yourself what type of kitchen layout you want? Open kitchen layout is for those who love to converse in other functional areas of home space or for entertainment purposes. Otherwise, opt for closed one. Focus on good lighting requirements too, including natural light. Recessed lighting is the most popular choice for lighting for modern home design. Choose kitchen flooring designs accordingly too!

Family Room

Family room should be based on open space concept. For wall openings, make sure there should be proper provision for natural light. For this purpose use wide open glass windows. Also, placement of furniture should be done wisely. So, that it won’t obstruct the movement of people.

Bath Space 

You may use bath space depending on your home space. If you have wider home space, go for wider one. You can even place a couch inside the same to add bit more of luxury. Choice of bathroom flooring tiles depends upon homeowner preferences but, mostly white, grey or beige color tiles are using. Bright pastel colors are also use alternatively.

I hope these suggestions and tips give you some ideas to give the home look you always dreamed of! Happy reading!


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