Christmas Tree Decorations Party & Ideas 2019

Christmas Tree Decorations Party & Ideas 2019 (1)

Chrsitmas festival is celebrated by all of the religious. Before the celebration set your party & ideas with pretty Christmas decorations 2019. As the Christmas holiday season is coming switch up your old chrsitmas tree decoration ideas into new decorations. Use try to adorn some beautiful variety of trees and decorate them very sharply and with unique ideas.

Pretty soon, people up and down the country will be getting out the Christmas tree decorations to start the holiday period in earnest. So here are some new best and easy ways to decorate your Christmas tree. The greatest of all gifts around any pretty Christmas tree decorations 2019 the appearance of a nice and happy family all bound up in each other.

Best 35 New Ideas with the Christmas Tree Decorations Pictures

  1. Hang Christmas tree lights
  2. Classic black & white
  3. Sweet treats
  4. Feather filled
  5. Colorful florals
  6. Marquee tree topper
  7. Pretty pinks
  8. Elegant red and green
  9. Winter Wonderland
  10. Snowman inspired
  11. Black & white buffalo check tree
  12. Vintage Santa doll tree
  13. Coastal and beachy Christmas tree
  14. Add Christmas tree garland
  15. DIY Christmas village tree
  16. Paper candle and tassel tree
  17. Pom tree
  18. Camp-style Christmas
  19. Classics elements
  20. Pink & gold Christmas tree
  21. Simple farmhouse Christmas tree
  22. Tiny tree
  23. Retro tree
  24. Frosted sugar and blue pine tree
  25. Glowing tree
  26. Rainbow Christmas tree
  27. Hang Christmas tree ornaments
  28. Pinecone tree
  29. Fanciful flight
  30. The new tree skirt
  31. Pick a good location
  32. Measure up
  33. Fluffing
  34. Get your lighting right
  35. Choose a color scheme

1. Hang Christmas Tree Lights

white or green lights

Hang Christmas tree lights typically come on with white or green cable strands. Select the stranded color that suits your Christmas tree. It will be covered the wire. Decorating your Christmas tree from the inside out will give it the most dynamic and effective look. Begin at the base of the back and work your way up, winding lights around each major section, moving from the back to the top and back.

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2. Classic Black White

black-and-white Christmas tree

Create the tree with a classic black-and-white Christmas tree. It feels perfect for your country’s chic house with warm and glowing white lights, gingham accents, simple signage, and wooden snowflakes. Black and white is a good combination and great colors for each other. That this color is most the people’s favorite choice also a great choice to create a beautiful Christmas tree. So make your Christmas tree more bright and beautiful with a black and white theme and get the perfect royal look.

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3. Sweet Treats

candy cane creation

A sweet treat, Ohh Yummy delicious the taste with sweet candies and hang them on the Christmas tree decor. The candy cane creation features the Christmas confection, plus gingerbread decorations and popcorn collection for a statement that is ready to be enjoyed and taste the festival of love! So many items that you can add for the Christmas day and take the festive look advantage to the best decorations.

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4. Feather Filled

include more texture in your tree

Make your tree feel more full with downy feathers tucked in between sections. They will include more texture and fill in all those blank holes. it will give your tree decoration a perfect tucked texture and colors. So try to best adorn design and decoration for the Christmas tree.

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5. Colorful Florals

use colorful florals

For a set up colorful florals that seem right out of nature. So the decorate your Christmas tree with faux or new and fresh florals. Create it fun with a rainbow array, or keep it easy by holding with two or three shades/colors. The different sizes, shapes, and textures of the florals add a whole new dimension to this creation and you will be amazed by the detailing of all the elements. So if you want to make a big impression with a small and colorful gesture, this bouquet will leave your special one completely overjoyed.

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6. Marquee Tree Topper *#*#4636#*#*

use a natural wood marquee light

Use a natural wood marquee light to make a beautiful and strong/bold Christmas tree topper that’s clear just to appreciate from over the room. Use marquee light Christmas topper this can be highlighted chrsitmas words that are highlighted from the outside and brighten up the overall decorations.

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7. Pretty Pinks

light pink petals in your tree

Rich raspberry fabric gracefully complements the gold accessories and light pretty pink petals decoration ingredients or leaves highlighted throughout this stunner way to decorate the Christmas. Peral trees and color combination of pretty pink that is so bright and shiner. The pink color is most of the girls’ favorite choice rap with pretty pink that is stunning options to highlight the things and make a perfect vibrant touch.

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8. Elegant Red And Green

beautiful green and red

While beautiful green and red can feel a tad burned at Christmas. Add pleasant elegant red and green colored garland. Because this beauty feels good and fresh thanks to the light green leaves layered throughout. Green, white color that the pleasant colors. this green color shows that eco-friendly Christmas, So decorate the Christmas with a green and white garland that makes a fresh and perfect eco-friendly Christmas decoration.

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9. Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland tree

Maximalists will love over-the-top Christmas tree highlighting many layers of snow-covered decorations, glittering poinsettias, and metallic or golden baubles with the winter wonderland. try with a homemade craft decorate with snow craft things like glittering with white fresh poinsettias also metallic decoration ingredients that create a wonderland finishing touch.

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10. Snowman Inspired

snow-themed decorations

Make Cold the star of your holiday house by decorating your Christmas tree with snow-themed decorations and a special and unique finishing touch—a top cap Christmas tree topper. Make a beautiful snowman and put near the Christmas tree that gives a beautiful touch of your decorating Christmas tree.

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11. Black & White Buffalo Check Tree

black-and-white fabric in your tree

The black-and-white like buffalo check trees. It made up of fabric that includes moments punch to your Christmas tree. If this palette does not work for your decoration. So you can customize the look by taking a plaid buffalo check fabric in colors that complement your style. Whether you want understated, rustic, glam, or totally over-the-top colorful, there’s a tree for you on this list.

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12. Vintage Santa Doll Tree

use vintage Santa dolls

Kick up your local economy store, insect market, or antique shop for vintage Santa dolls and decorations for your Christmas tree. add some gifts wafers and ribbons, tie some vintage Chrsitmas dolls. that look pretty for the Christmas day decoration design. Ornaments and some horrible pest and hang them on the chrsitmas tree that like you use in Halloween decorations.

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13. Coastal And Beachy Christmas Tree

coastal and beachy Christmas tree

Whether you are spending your vacation by the shore or want to take some of that beach beauty inland. Then your Christmas tree is the best and perfect place to show off your collection of shells. Complete the look with blue/turquoise decorations and starfish Christmas tree topper.

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14. Add Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas tree garland

There are no specific rules for decorating a beautiful Christmas tree when it comes to draping collection/garland. To avoid sections bulging between tightly cinched collection/garland beaches. And start at the top of your beautiful Christmas tree. And gently raise the amount of collection between various wave as you work your way down the parts. Plan to use about two beaches of garland for each vertical foot of the Christmas tree.

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15. DIY Christmas Village Tree

DIY Christmas village sets

Skip the fancy and expensive Christmas village sets and opt to create your own village set at home with paper-mâché stories and some bright and fresh paint. whenever you want to opt, Also you can opt on the decoration tree that are useful for the village type looks. It is in budget and easy to make. Hit out in lights or candles, collection, and decorations.

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16. Paper Candle And Tassel Tree

handcrafted gold candles and tassels

Though the Christmas tree might look too simple. The handcrafted gold and paper candles and tassels seem sentimental and romantic. All while embracing the magic that creates the celebration season feel so unique and special. we have a feeling your Christmas tree could use a little refresh.

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17. Pom Tree

use DIY pom pom tree

Get your work on by making your very own decorations with help from a DIY pom maker. These colorful and bright balls make quite the statement. So you won’t need many more for your beautiful Christmas tree. That they look stunning and like real trees. You can put an 8ft chrsitmas tree in your rooms with a high ceiling and it is perfect for showcasing with large pom-pom ornaments.

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18. Camp-Style Christmas


The Christmas tree in camp-style in everyone’s house is peppered with flags from beautiful national parks and great roadside attractions. This tent style Christmas pampered you like a camp party. Organize your Christmas party with a camp and get the pretty party style and decorations.

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19. Classics Elements

use classics elements in your tree

Though the Christmas tree classic elements to the centerpiece in your family room. Holiday-appropriate check accents, like the green and red throw on the scale and the clothes on the caribou. And include timeless beauty, while vintage wrapping paper ups the loneliness factor.

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20. Pink & Gold Christmas Tree

pink & gold Christmas tree

Don’t be scared to use non-traditional colors/ like golden and pink shades on your Christmas tree on this year. Pair of pink elements and flowers with a touch of metallic gold for a classy,  that can change your mood into a fantastic way and reduce your stress with this pretty metallic gold touch that can make a modern and stylish look.

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21. Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tree

simple whites and natural textures

If your home is decorated with cool, simple whites and natural textures. Then you will love this simple Christmas tree highlighting elements from the big outdoors, such as pine cones and bits of cotton. Make the tree so simple and stunning with pleasant white color. And let the tree shine.

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22. Tiny Tree

use tiny tree

Use an old tin as a container for a small Christmas tree to place on a cabinet. it will not consider extra space of your space, it is fit into the small corner of your cabinet area. Make and add a tiny Christmas tree and place it on your cabinet. It feels amazing into your indoor, Also looks pretty. tiny tree are easily adjusted into small space and very portable for the indoor areas for usability.

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23. Retro Tree

retro Christmas tree

The retro tree is perfect for every kids’ room. Retro Christmas tree is an old tree stand and old-school decorations. Add this retro tree into the kid’s living room and feels the old trees that present into your school decorations. Retro Christmas ornaments are very famous for the kid’s room decoration. Add retro tree dummy board ornaments, retro spun cotton deer, with more usable and kid’s favorite ornaments.

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24. Frosted Sugar And Blue Pine Tree

touches of grey, silver, and gold

Bring a touch of woodsy charm into your home with the widely regarded ‘king of pines’. Long appreciated for its beauty, the Sugar Pine is native to the Sierra Nevada mountain range of the Pacific Coast. Icy blue Christmas tree decorations with touches of grey, silver, and gold make this year of Christmas tree a dazzling one. It is well-suited for country-styled decorations or traditional icy blue and white, with green ornaments. That gives a perfect frosted sugar and blue pine color of trees.

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25. Glowing Tree

shades of gold, blue, and simple white

All Christmas tree shines in shades of gold, blue, and simply white. If you don’t have a fireplace, simply hang socks from heavy twine. golden brighten shines called Christmas glowing tree. this is a real tree that is about 11 or 12 feet tall.  Of course, an artificial tree can be used. Caution must be a very strong tree to hold up all these lights.

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26. Rainbow Christmas Tree

rainbow Christmas tree

Making the ombre tree is simpler than it looks. Simply arrange your real decorations by color to make the rainbow effect in your beautiful Christmas tree. As you can see, it’s easy to decorate any tree in a rainbow theme. However, if you plan to purchase a rainbow holiday tree, most options feature brightly colored branches in a few different designs and styles.

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27. Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments

hang Christmas tree ornament

The next step in decorating a beautiful Christmas tree is to hang your Christmas ornaments. To showcase your favorites. And put them in top positions on the tree first. Next, hang your bigger ornaments, separating them equally around the tree. Fill in around those ornaments with small size and medium-sized ornaments. Be sure to hang any ornaments closer to the back to make depth and interest. Finish dressing the tree by including specialty parts, such as clip-on ornaments.

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28. Pinecone Tree

cone-shaped bubbles base

Make a pinecone tree on a cone-shaped bubbles base decor. Hold the base in a box with a huge object. Then line the flowers onto 2″ wood floral picks. Include picks down into the foam. And beginning at the bottom with the largest flowers and working to the top with the smaller ones.

Cover the foam by tucking covering moss with the pinecones. Head it out from your backyard. Your favorite hiking trail, or almost any spot outdoors on this season. So Mother nature’s most beautiful creation called pinecone tree. Pinecone easily fits with overall home decoration. You can lighten up the typical brown and black hue with blech or white paint. even your favorite color.

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29. Fanciful Flight

decorated with craft-store birds

This fir tree is decorated out with craft-store with decorating amazing birds and also decorated pinecones. put this craft tree into your living or drawing room and feels like real trees. it looks pretty in color and decorations. this can easily buy from the craft store and if you want to decor your own fanciful flight with homemade ornaments and a pretty touch of this light. that looks great and looks real.

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30. The New Tree Skirt

natural and original style

Very long, the standard base-hiding apron. The kicky wicker mini gives modern cover with the natural and original style. You can make your Christmas tree with your own self, your tree skirt should be larger than the width of your stand, but smaller than the width of the outer branches of your tree.

You can find the width by measuring the entire width of the circles formed by the stand and the tips of the trees from the outer branches.

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31. Pick A Good Location

good location for your tree

Whether your Christmas tree is artificial or real, you have to think about where to place the Christmas tree. And particularly if space is at a premium in your home. So ideally, it will be near a connection socket. And avoiding the necessity for wires over the living room floor.

And you can replace furniture if necessary to avoid awkward kids and swinging tails from getting in the way of your happy creation. If you have got a real Christmas tree. So select a location that’s as cool as possible. This will stop it from drying out too much before the big day.

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32. Measure Up

measure up

Having select and measure the best and safe place for your Christmas tree. And measure the depth, width and roof height and don’t skip to factor in the height of your Christmas tree stand and the topper too. Give your Christmas tree enough room so its branches hang easily and you can decorate all around.

If you have got an original Christmas tree that is too tall And always trims it from the bottom so it maintains its three-sided shape.

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33. Fluffing Artificial Tree

fluffing for your Christmas tree

You are thinking that how to fluff an artificial Christmas tree? So fluff those parts. Yes, that is official information from Christmas experts at John Lewis who say artificial or fake Christmas trees particularly need serious “fluffing”. (You’d apparently need “fluffing” too if you’d been crushed in a cardboard box in the loft for 12 months.)

If you have fluffed your Christmas tree and the lights are even So you can’t go wrong. this is a great way to express an artificial Christmas tree like fluffy decoration.

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34. Get Your Lighting Right

get your lighting right

Spend a good half an hour or so making and get your Christmas tree lights placed just right. Begin from the head and work your way down. And making them around each and every important branch and dropping about six inches between the loops.

If you need new and different lights. so it might be worth buying in copper cable lights – they are much small likely to break. And give a crisper, cleaner and brighter light – plus you’ll just notice the cable on the Christmas tree. Save yourself from disappointment and ensure the lights are working before you place them on.

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35. Choose A Color Scheme

choose a color scheme

Choosing the best color scheme that go well together and holding to a theme can be a key part of your Christmas tree-building skill. If in doubt, attach to a very simple scheme or design. Green, reds, and golds fit a traditional-style for Christmas tree. White and yellow lights as LEDs that can provide a more pretty blue color. For a winter look, pick blue, silvers, and purples or for an extra minimalist Christmas tree look to silver, white, and traditional wood decorations.

Quality is key – don’t go too matchy, matchy with your great theme and decorations throughout your Christmas tree and your home.

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Christmas tree decoration lights

Here are four general and popular types of Christmas tree decoration lights to take from when you are decorating your tree.

  1. Traditional incandescent lights
  2. LED lights
  3. Globe lights
  4. Bubble lights

1. Traditional Incandescent Lights

These traditional incandescent beautiful Christmas tree lights, which come in an assortment of colors and sizes. And they are the most popular type of Christmas tree lights. They heat up the parts of a real Christmas tree, which will release the smell of pine into the room.

2. LED Lights

These pretty Christmas tree LED lights are different than the traditional incandescent lights and don’t give heat. They are typically extra expensive. But they are fireproof, flameproof, and quite safe to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree with.

3. Globe Lights

These awesome Christmas tree lights are round and come in multiple sizes. They look like balls of color on the Christmas tree. And while they have a lower glow than mini lights, the light they give covers a greater area on the Christmas tree.

4. Bubble Lights

These beautiful retro and bubble lights are straight up on the branches of your Christmas tree. When the free tube on top of the light heats up, so bubbles float up and down inside the tube, following lava lamps. Experiment with various lighting designs until you find one you like,  it’s OK to match and mix lights. For example, a background of pure white or bright lights can be highlighted with beaches of colored lights that cover the outer areas of the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree decorations for lost loved ones

Christmas is the time of year when we miss our lost loved ones the most. Finding ways to memorialize them during the holidays can help us remember that they’re still with us in spirit. We invite readers to share how they weave memories of loved ones into the form of holiday traditions. Whether you start a new tradition or continue one started way back when we hope that you find something here that helps your family pay tribute to those who remain close to your heart.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, that’s all about the Christmas tree decorations. So as you want the best and new ideas to decorate your Christmas tree on this occasion pretty and much good. The final decision about which beautiful lights suits on your Christmas tree. So use the ones beautiful light that is best for your Christmas tree, to make your Christmas tree beautiful.

Some beautiful Christmas tree ornaments do more than sparkle and shine, they describe a gift of pure love given a very long time ago.

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some ideas to decorate your Christmas tree
Some ideas to decorate your Christmas tree

Q. How to decorate the Christmas tree like a pro?

A. Well, to decorate the Christmas tree like a pro, there are many good ways. But here we have three easy and different steps to decorate our Christmas tree like a pro. And the following steps are;

Step 1: The first step in how to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro is including the pretty lights. So hang your Christmas tree beautiful lights.

Step 2: Include Christmas tree red magnolia garland. Because of this, your Christmas tree looks very elegant.

Step 3: The third step is to hang Christmas tree ornaments.

Q. Do you put some beautiful lights on the Christmas tree first?

A. Before including some beautiful lights on your Christmas tree. So firstly test your lights to ensure they work. Then, beginning from the top, wind the lights around your Christmas tree. When hanging you’re some pretty ornaments, put heavy ones more up the branch as the Christmas tree is stronger closer to the back.

Q. How many decorations do I need for a 7ft snow-covered Christmas tree also more 8ft, 9ft & 10ft Christmas tree?

A. Hung some ornaments that you can put on a 7ft chrsitmas tree with a snow-covered tree. This looks real as snow falling on the tree from the sky.

Here are some other different size of Christmas tree 8ft Christmas tree, 9ft, & 10ft Christmas tree;

8-9 foot artificial Christmas tree is the best option item. That they look stunning and like real trees. You can put an 8ft chrsitmas tree in your rooms with a high ceiling and it is perfect for showcasing with large ornaments. Also, you can add these types of decorations in 9 ft artificial Christmas decorations. If you are creating 7ft of chrsitmas tree then add minimum 75 ornaments and bow ribbons and etc. And other 8ft so add approx 80 as the same 9ft-95 ornaments.

Tree Height                Number Of Ornaments

7′                                       75 Ornaments

8′                                       80 Ornaments

9′                                        95 Ornaments

10′                                      125-160 Ornaments

Q. What goes on first on your Christmas tree?

Ans.  Angels, stars, and bows are all perfect and great tree toppers to pick from. Hang beautiful lights and garland on the Christmas tree before including ornaments. When you’re ready to hang some elegant ornaments, start with the highest ornaments first.

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