5 Major Questions You Need To Ask Your Florist

Flowers are the spirit of events. Every event or occasion that has flowers automatically uplifts the vibe. The vibe of the audience, the vibe of the hosts, basically everybody. Therefore, the flowers play a very important role in the event you are organizing or the occasion you are about to have. That’s why when you go toa florist; you need to be very clear, precise and straight forward when talking about your requirements,

A lot of people, when communicating with a florist can’t express what they exactly have in their mind. They either have difficulty conveying what exactly are their requirements or lack in asking questions regarding their queries.

Therefore, we have gathered the five major questions that you need to ask your florist in order to achieve what exactly is going through your mind.

5 Major Questions You Should Ask Your Florist

1. How Long Have You Been In The Business?

The first and the foremost that you need to ask the florist you have hired, is their years of operation in this specific industry. Their years of serving in the flower industry, shows the experience they have. It isn’t just limited to that. Over the years, the florists you have in your mind would have made a reputation in the market as well. Through that, it gets easier for you to choose which one is the best option out of all.

2. How Many Events/ Marriages Have They Have Had Organized?

The second question you need to ask them is ‘How many marriages/events have they organized. The more the number of events they have had their hands it, the more they have the experience. Extending this forward, the samples they show of their previous clients, it gives you an insight of the work quality they produce.

3. How Many Flowers Can They Deal In?

One question that is a must to ask your florist is ‘how many flowers can they deal in’. This doesn’t limit your question to the quantity of the flowers but also their types too. Maybe you have certain type of flowers in your mind, but the florist you are about to hire doesn’t deal for them. This is exactly why you need to ask them the types of the flowers they deal in, to further avoid any kind of inconvenience.

4. Will You Set-Up The Flowers Or Somebody Else Will?

Another important question that you might be missing on ‘do they set up the flowers or somebody else does? It is convenient if the florists are the ones who are going to set up the flowers. If not, then you have to deal with more people to get the flowers set up. This will increase your costs as well as create hassle.

5. Do You Offer Special Packages Or Do They Offer Discounts?

Last but not the least; don’t forget to ask if they are offering any kind of special packages or seasonal/referral discounts. It’s important to have the knowledge of the discounts, so that you can get the good quality stuff even in lesser prices.

Following are few important questions that you need to ask your florist before placing an order. If you aim to carry out a nice event, make sure the flowers you are getting set up are also nice. Only then, can the motive of your event be fully successful!


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