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A furniture in layman’s term is defined as a movable object used in homes, workspaces for a comfortable living. The classification of furniture basically can be done on basis of purpose: home interiors-exteriors, different type of living spaces in homes and offices. For e.g. living room, bedroom, study room, work cubicles, office reception and so on. Furniture can also be categorized on basis of type of materials used.

Let’s explore different types of furniture found easily in a typical modern home, offices or any other space.

Different Types of Furniture: Classified by Purpose


The furniture meant for sitting purposes can be further categorized into two types: single seat or multi-seat. Chairs, bean bags, ottoman, recliners, fainting couches and rocking chairs are some of the examples of single seating furnitures. As for multi-seat furniture, benches, couches, divan are few examples, benches and couches being the prominent ones. Let’s explore these further. Whether it is a home or office, chairs are the most popular forms of furniture ever been used, for e.g. in living room, dining room. In workspace too, chairs are the common sight visible to a human eye, often complemented with work desk.

Bean bags are yet another piece of furniture, that is quite popular worldwide and it is still in trend. The first ever bean bag was designed in the year 1968 by designers Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, Franco Teodoro and it is called “Sacco”.

Beneficial Examples People Experienced

There is one more example, that can easily fit in the popular segment of single seated furniture and, is known a ‘recliner’. Recliner is a piece of furniture, that lies back or vice-versa as per the body movement of person sitting on it. Recliner do comes with a backrest, that can tilt back easily and a footrest that adjusts itself either automatically or with the help of a lever, located on one side of chair.

So far, we have discussed the furniture that are meant for single seating purposes, it is time to explore the options meant for multiple seating. Let’s begin!

Benches are one of the popular example, meant for multiple seating purposes. It usually comes with both armrest and backrests, some may lack both or either one of them. Benches are too used accordingly for both indoor-outdoor purposes. Park benches, picnic tables, scenic and perch benches are some examples, that are meant for outdoors and often seen at various open places like gardens, traffic spots, beaches etc.

Couches also known as ‘sofa’ or ‘settee’ is a perfect example of multi-seat furniture that are used indoors. A couch is a piece of furniture made up of a wooden frame structure, padded and, covered with soft foam material and cloth. Generally, the frame structure used in construction of couches are made of wood, it can also be made using plastic, metal etc.

Sleeping or lying

As the name implies, these are types of furniture meant for sleeping or relaxing purposes. A bed is the best example fits into this category. Here are some other examples that belong to this category – daybeds, futon, hammock, toddler beds and so on. Come let’s explore these further.

Beds are one of the popular form of furniture used for relaxing purpose. As far the built of beds are concerned, modern beds consists of a cushioned mattress lie down on a bed frame. Beds do comes in various styles and sizes, ranging from bassinets, cribs to small size beds; single beds to queen size or king size beds etc. Beds are also classified depending on utility too like murphy beds, sofa bed and bunk beds.


There is another category of furniture, that is slight unconventional in nature. Though there is no particular name for this category but, for the sake of simplicity, I am calling it ‘leisure’ category of furniture as these example of furniture are meant for enjoyment purposes. Some examples that strikes my mind while thinking of leisure are billiard table, chess table, gramophone box, jukebox, television set and gaming console.


A table is a piece of furniture consist of a flat surface on the top, supported by legs. Normally, the top surface are in rectangular shape. It can be in square, oval shapes too. From utility point of view, tables are used to putting things-on, for eating or work purposes etc.

A dining table is the best example belong to this category of furniture. Coffee table, bedside table, work desks, pedestals, work benches are some other examples used accordingly to the purpose. Under tables, there are specialized category of tables exists like drafting tables which are used for create architectural drawings. Sewing tables too belong to this specialized category.


These are type of furniture meant for storing purposes. Baker’s rack, bookcases, cabinet, closets, hat stand, umbrella stand, wardrobes and wine rack are some popular examples particular to this segment of furniture

Types of Furniture: Classified by Materials

Furniture can also be categorized on basis of the materials, that are used to create them. So, on this basis, here the classification goes:

  • Wooden Furniture
  • Bamboo Furniture
  • Wicker Furniture
  • Concrete Furniture
  • Plastic Furniture
  • Glass Furniture

Wicker is actually a technique used for making hand woven furniture. Traditionally, wickers were made of plant materials like bamboo, reed and rattan but, now a days these are made of synthetic fibers too. Wickers are quite light but, they are strong built.

Then we do have different types of metal forms used for making furniture. Iron, aluminum and, steel are the popular and well known options available for metal furniture. Among these three, iron and steel are used extensively, ranging from offices settings to outdoors.

Concrete is yet another solid contender, that is breaking all stereotypes and becoming a popular choice among furniture especially in contemporary home design. All the credit goes to it’s amazing adaptability. With use of improved moulding techniques, it’s easy to create beautiful and stunning furniture made of concrete.

I hope this blog will be an informative resource for you all, providing some good stuff to read about different types of furniture.


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