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way to decor blank walls

So you have decorated your home well, and are really happy and comfortable with the look. Still, there is that one blank wall looking at you, and you need no sign about what to do with it! You can create it look smart while combining it with the theme of the rest of the decoration. While you do not need to go overboard, you do not need to underdo it too. So we should use the best wall decor ideas to decorate our wall.

When you need a big, blank wall to fill, your initial idea may be a gallery wall. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it’s helpful to break up all of that plane framed artwork with something changed. Enter brackets, baskets, wall sculptures, paint-dipped objects, unique and special paint effects and more.

Check out these 20 ways to fill your blank walls with different color and beautiful creativity.

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1. Frame It

For many, the simplest way to decorate a plain blank wall is by hanging a painting on it. However, if you do not want to spend on paintings or artwork, you can do your own beautiful creativity and imagination to decorate your blank wall. Just frame anything you want, place it up and that will do the trick.

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You might have an old or early calendar that has beautiful pictures, some wallpaper examples, or an old piece of material that has marvelous colors or prints, just get it framed and hang it on your plain blank wall. You will be surprised to view the result.

2. Express Yourself

A blank plain wall can be the solid and best place to let yourself be as expressive as possible. If you are an artist or expert, or if you like art/picture, you can have a graffiti painted over the blank wall. You don’t need to be a trained or qualified painter for this!

express yourself
express yourself             image source:

Easy and best elements like flowers, leaves, Paisleys, or even geometric figures/shapes, like circles, triangles, and squares, can make a plain blank wall look pretty. Simply ensure to keep the contrasts and colors in your mind. You can highlight it with a few spotlights, and you are done!

3. Showcase Your Collection

Your blank, plain wall could be an excellent chance to showcase your hobbies or talents. If you are an art specialist or an expert yourself, you can fix your own work or your collection on the blank wall, for a wonderful arty look. You can even frame your old coin collections or tokens from your different holidays.

showcase your collection on wall
showcase your collection on wall  image source:

A collection of old out, old white and black photos/pictures would give a different look as well. It all depends on your home décor point, and what goes great with it.

4. Get Funky

get funky
get funky  image source:

Did you know that you can go all stupid and wild with what you can attach on your blank wall? You can hang a universal dish collection or created cutlery to get a funky look. Or it could simply be one great dish that has different shades/colors or delicate print, hung on a lightly-colored blank wall.

Just ensure that there is not a conflict of colors, as it can give a powerful effect. Normally white and pastels go with all blank wall colors.

5. Use The Clock Trick

There is nothing more beautiful than a blank wall with an excellent clock hanging on it. You can do this idea particularly when the blank wall space is in different areas such as the entryway or over the showcase.

use the clock trick on wall
use the clock trick on wall   image source:

Apart from speaking time, a wonderful clock can immediately include a grace to the room. It doesn’t have to be excellent; you can play with prints, shades/colors and the various styles that are available in the markets.

6. Light It Up

If the plain blank wall is near the couch or bed, making a wall-mounted lamp placed serves the double idea of decorating as well as lightening and brightening up space. Reading lights particularly work fabulously in these places.

light it up
light it up to          image source:

If you don’t want a lamp immediately installed on the blank wall, you can select a beautiful-looking tall floor lamp along with any potted plants, to include artsy effects on the blank wall.

7. Use Cluster Colorful Baskets

use cluster colorful baskets
use cluster colorful baskets               image source:

Why hang one or two baskets on the plain blank wall when you can hang an entire bunch? Get decorative woven baskets in different shades and sizes, and play around with possible combinations on the floor before hanging them. Can’t find bright and colorful baskets? Make your own by designing the interior of plain baskets with art paint.

8. Hang Your Hats

hang your hats on wall
hang your hats on wall   image source:

Don’t let modern hats hide behind closed doors — show off your fedoras, cloches, trilbies, and skimmers on hooks on the plain blank wall for a useful display. Except you are going for a large sleeping room–bachelor home vibe, avoid hanging baseball hats. If you have no hats? Try the same thing or idea with your statement accessories for a related effect.

9. Use Elegant Sconces

Use elegant sconces
Use elegant sconces                  image source:

Dress up even the tiniest of spaces, like a corner or entryway, with a small bling. Designer Jamie Herzlinger flanked a French-style furniture with beautiful sconces to include any sparkle to the plain blank wall.

10. Kitchen Art Gallery

kitchen art gallery
kitchen art gallery  image source:

Also, your kitchen blank walls could use any sprucing up. Print your favorite photos/pictures, placed them in basic frames and hang them at alternating heights for an art gallery look best and beautiful in your own kitchen.

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11. Screenprint Art

screenprint art
screenprint art      image source:

Give your plain blank walls a modern effect with a pop art look. Get easy directions on how to create a faux screenprint that will take a small quirkiness to any room.

12. Use Coffee Filter Art

use coffee filter art
use coffee filter art               image source:

You can get beautiful inspiration using everyday things. Use the dip-dyed coffee filters and set them in a random design on the blank wall using glue spots to make a dramatic flower effect.

13. Pics Collage Wallpaper

pics collage wallpaper
pics collage wallpaper                 image source:

Use family photos/pictures to create a customized wallpaper design. All we do cover one blank wall of our family and friends pictures to get the personal touch. Use of these type of things makes the plain blank wall so pretty.

14. Inspiration Quotes

inspiration quotes on wall
inspiration quotes on wall             image source:

You can discover a plenty of inspirational signage in shops, but you can create your own, too. We all are using different shades/colors and designs of washi strip for a funky way to present our favorite quote.

15. Book Page Art

book page art
book page art                    image source:

Search bookstores and economy shops for excellent books you can use as art. To make this look, Design star all stars player Kellie folded book pages halfway in different directions and added the books to the plain blank wall using pins.

16. Wide Stripes

wide stripes               image source:

Painting stripes on an importance blank wall is a simple, fast and economical way to include some shade/color and interest to a plain blank wall.

17. Make A Jewelry Tree

make a jewelry tree
make a jewelry tree          image source:

Living in a home or a large sleeping room can stop you from painting the plain blank walls. If you’d like to dress up the blank walls without breaking them, use washi strip.

Michelle Edgemont added tape to the blank wall in a tree shape and pinned thumbtacks to the ends of each and every branch for a cute, space-saving design to display accessories.

18. Wall Of Mirrors

wall of mirrors
wall of mirrors             image source:

A collage of mirrors creates any bathroom feel larger while breaking up the single white plain blank wall. Select different style mirrors in the same shade/color for a perfect and look.

19. Use Blank Wall Brackets To Bring Dimension To Your Art

use wall brackets
use wall brackets            image source:

Instead of simply hanging art directly on the plain blank wall, why not try propping it up on beautiful blank wall brackets? It would increase visual interest, and you can exchange things around whenever you feel like it — framed pictures one day, flower vases the next.

20. Layer Giant Letters

layer giant letters
layer giant letters           image source:

In this case, two is surely better than one — a set of oversize letters, whether new or old, creates a great statement anywhere you set them. Somewhat overlapping the letters makes an even powerful graphic statement than hanging them side by side.


If you’re working to decorate a small place, you’re regularly limited by the square footage. You know what doesn’t get up any of that valuable floor space? Blank wall decor! If you’re in want of any inspiration for what to do with your plain blank walls so this article will definitely help you.

We have told all the ways here how to decorate your plain blank wall. And the use of these methods is also in your budget.

Decorate the all blank walls of all the rooms in the home is an important part of the home decor.

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