Easy Craft Ideas For The Home: To Get A Instant Fresh Look

easy craft ideas for the home

It is not necessary to always use the more expensive things to decorate your home. By using easy craft ideas, you can also give your home a stylish look or instant fresh look. And use this type of easy craft ideas is in the budget of everyone.

Easy Craft Ideas For Home

These easy craft ideas are the best and great option for everyone to get an instant fresh look for your home. And here we have some of the best craft ideas for home which are really best and make your home stylish. So why are you wasting your time just come with us….

1.) Candle Craft: Cube Lanterns

cube lanterns | easy craft ideas for the home

Use this easy craft idea is great for both indoor and outdoor use, these pretty little cube lanterns are very easy to make and all you need for that is some simple candles, glue, big washers, square dowel rods, and something to cut the rods with and some beautiful spray paint.

And then your little cube lanterns are ready to use. And give an instant fresh look to your home.

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2.) Use Branch Candle Holder  

branch candle holder | easy craft ideas for the home

Some of our favorite easy craft ideas involve the use of driftwood or fallen branches. One of them is this branch candle holder which can be customized in a many best variety of ways, based on the pretty type of branch you want to use, its shape, size and all sorts of other details.

And making this, the whole process is too easy. Simply take a branch, sand it down a bit and properly clean it, then drill the holes for the simple candles and placed tea lights in them.

And you can paint the branch with lovely colors.

3.) Crafty Lampshade

lampshade | easy craft ideas for the home

If you have a simple lamp and you think it’s really nice but you feel like something is missing from its design. And this sound not familiar at all? So it’s a quite common situation and the solution can be very simple.

Simply customize the lampshade. So for this one thing, you can do is to just cover it with pretty fabric. And then they look perfect and give a decent look to your home.

4.) Use Brass Chandelier

brass chandelier | easy craft ideas for the home

Use of these type of brass chandelier is one of the best and easy craft ideas to give a marvelous look to your home entire rooms. And also which you can make out of fittings and pipes.

You can give it any type of shape you want and you can play with the pieces in all sorts of cool and modern ways.

5.) Magnetic Knife Holder

magnetic knife holder | easy craft ideas for the home

A kitchen is a king in everyone’s home. It is our responsibility to keep the kitchen well maintained. And to do this, there is a lot of easy craft ideas, which will always be great for our kitchen.

For example a magnetic knife holder. It is one of those types of things that you know you want but you just can’t find the chance to buy for a variety of reasons. Well, it would be very easier to just make one yourself.

So go get yourself a block of simple wood, a drill, strong glue, a collection of round heavy-duty magnets, a strong hammer and some brackets and nails and take all stuff into your own hands.

6.) Use Folded Felt Bowl

folded felt bowl | easy craft ideas for the home

This folded felt bowl easy craft ideas looks always stylish and cute and is also practical. You can keep your coins and keys in it or you can use it to store all sorts of other little things, adding potpourri.

To make such a pretty and simple bowl you only need a piece of felt, beautiful fabric glue, and scissors. That’s it and then this easy craft idea prepared to easily. And give an instant fresh look to your home.

7.) Make a Pretty Wall Shelves

wall shelves | easy craft ideas for the home

All these types of little and easy crafts ideas are definitely nice and very useful in their own way but sometimes you have to do something a little more drastic if you want to really improve your home decor or to make your home more space-efficient or simply give an instant fresh look.

An idea is to make some pretty wall shelves for the garage. So don’t worry, it’s not that too much hard. You have some simple wood boards, a miter saw, and some screws or nails and some mounting hardware.

8.) Crafty Towel Rack

towel rack | easy craft ideas for the home

Another useful and easy craft ideas that can make a big difference in your home decor is the use of crafty towel rack.

Simply you can make one out of simple metal pipes and fittings and you can include a pretty wooden shelf as well so you can keep more type of things on it, like planters, toiletries or extra pretty towels.

9.) Use Double Box Shelf

double box shelf | easy craft ideas for the home

This design or easy craft ideas are very common in modern and contemporary home decors. And it is too easy to make it by yourself.

You just need the following things: two simple wooden boxes, craft paint, a paint brush, a saw, strong wood glue, a hammer, four small nails, and spray lacquer. And always feel free to use your favorite colors.

10.) Simple Brass Toilet Paper Holder

simple brass toilet paper holder | easy craft ideas for the home

For your home bathroom, a quite simple and at the same time useful easy craft ideas can be a custom toilet paper holder.

You could make one out of some simple brass wire and you could add it to a box shelf which, by the way, would also be very easy to make from scratch.

And a too simple brass toilet paper holder which you can easily craft in only a few minutes to give a nice way to personalize your bathroom.

11.) Make a  Stylish Shoe Rack

stylish shoe rack | easy craft ideas for the home

Every entryway needs a nice shoe rack, it’s a normal thing always. Really, this is not an accessory expensive to entryways. You could also include it to a walk-in closet to improve its storage-efficiency.

And to make a best and stylish shoe rack, not to much hard task. And also these great and easy craft ideas always is in everyone’s budget.

12.) Use Wooden Slat Frames

wooden slat frames | easy craft ideas for the home

Decorate walls with design posters using wooden slat frames is one of the best and easy craft ideas.

To make something like this you only need some things such as a long and rectangular piece of simple wood, some beautiful sandpaper, a drill, a saw, two popsicle sticks, some twine, and paper print.

Just then will your wooden slat frames be ready, which you can hang on any of the walls of your home.

13.) Hang Plates On Wall

hang plates | easy craft ideas for the home

Some people like to hang simple plates on their wall to give an instant fresh look to our home. And also some people could do the same in our dining area or kitchen room.

So choose some simple plates in different shapes, sizes, and pretty colors and display them on a wall using picture hangers and glue. These type of easy craft ideas is to a great option for everyone’s home.

14.) EAT Boards

eat boards | easy craft ideas for the home

So are you desperately looking for something to display in your kitchen, to fill that empty wall or column? So for this EAT boards is a great option. These boards seem to be simple to look at but give an always classy look to your kitchen.

15.) Woven Wall Decoration

woven wall decoration | easy craft ideas for the home

Simple woven wall decoration with a lot of charm give an instant fresh look to your home. It is easy to make it by yourself. And if you are thinking that this is a big task so don’t worry.

It’s nothing too big or complicated. You simply need a rectangular piece of cardboard, some yarn, a wooden dowel and scissors to complete this amazing craft.


Therefore that’s all about easy craft ideas for the home to get an instant fresh look. These craft ideas are too simple to use and also is everyone’s budget.

It is not necessary that these simple ideas can be made only which people who know art. This is too much easy craft that everyone can make it.



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