7 Denim Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore This 2022

Denims are classic wardrobe pieces that everyone should own. They are easy to style and comfortable to wear.

Denim pieces are also low-maintenance, yet can last for years. This reason, plus the fact that they are recyclable, makes them one of the most sustainable materials around for clothing.

Lastly, they are so highly versatile that you can have different denim pieces in your wardrobe which you can wear nearly all year round – pants, skirts, dresses, and jackets.

Adding newwomen’s denim dresses,skirts, pants, jackets, and tops to your wardrobe, therefore, is always a good fashion move.

Denim Trends to Expect This Year

Since denim pieces are wardrobe must-haves, you won’t go wrong with updating your collection every year.

Moreover, to stay fashion-forward, you need to get a collection of both trending and classic pieces.

Below are the seven denim trends that you can expect and follow this 2021:

1. Capsule Wardrobe-Worthy Denim Dresses

Capsule wardrobes were a huge hit in 2020. It is a trend that is expected to stick around this year.

If you are amping up or changing some pieces in your capsule wardrobe, add a denim dress that you can wear for any occasion.

The right denim dress is versatile enough that it always comes with an element of surprise that you (and everyone seeing it) will love. With a little bit of clever styling, you can quickly transform this simple piece into a chic and feminine outfit.

Whether you want to buy a midi, maxi, mini, or knee-length dress, you will have a new outfit that you will love wearing over and over again.

2. Flare Jeans

Bell-bottomed or flare jeans are making a serious comeback this year.

Wearing a pair of flare jeans is one of the best and easiest ways to create a polished look. Pair your pants with a tank top, breezy blouse, T-shirt, or knitted sweater, and you have an OOTD that won’t fail to capture attention.

Aside from the classic ‘70’s flare silhouette, new pairs come with a modern style. They have a subtle bell shape, giving them a more updated look.

Flare jeans also come in stretch denim, so if you don’t like rigid pants, you can choose from other options.

If you are aiming for a polished look, pair your jeans with point-toe boots or heels. For a bohemian style, opt for clogs or platform boots.

3. Baggy Jeans

If you are not a big fan of flare jeans or you want to have another pair of denims in your closet that isn’t skinny, opt for baggy jeans.

Baggy, loose jeans are practical and easy to move in. This cut is chic and can be worn with almost any kind of footwear.

High-rise loose jeans look effortlessly elegant when you pair them with a crisp shirt and blazer. For a casual look, a tank top and flowy blouse will work well with your pants.

Loose jeans can come in straight-leg or bootcut styles. They are flattering and pair well with any shoes, from boots to ballet flats to sneakers.

4. High-Rise Waists

Nobody expected high-rise waist or “mom jeans” to become popular. But over the years, they slowly rose to popularity and now, they are a sought-after style for a new pair of denim pants.

And before you scoff at this trend, high-rise jeans made a successful comeback since they are feminine and accentuates the waist. They are generally flattering and can be styled to suit any occasion.

Moreover, they are more comfortable and practical to sit in.

High-waisted jeans usually call for a tucked-in or cropped top. However, when it comes to footwear, they are more versatile – they work well with heels, slingbacks, mules, boots, and sneakers.

If you want to wear your high-rise jeans to the office or amp up your casual outfit, layer a blazer over the top and add a cute belt to dress up your ensemble.

5. Beyond Blue

Although blue denim pieces are classic and you won’t go wrong having them in your closet, this year, you can diversify your choice of colors.

The colors to wear now include deep shades of grey and washed black. These hues give you a touch of elegance if you are aiming for an elevated look.

If you want a refreshed, clean look, you won’t go wrong with off-white and tan denim outfits. These pieces give you a break from the traditional pale-blue hues.

Lastly, you can get that modern minimalism look by pairing black denim jeans with earthy-toned sweaters – the perfect outfit for the cold weather.

6. Patchwork Denim

Once popular in the ‘70’s, patchwork jeans are also experiencing a revival this year. However, this time, you have the option to let out your creativity and sew your own patches on your pants or buy ones that already come with stylish patching.

Various brands are purposefully collaging together different denim washes and textures for a totally new take on patchwork denim. As such, you can choose among a variety of designs and styles that will elevate your casual look.

If you are shopping for patchwork jeans, opt for a pair with a modern fit to balance out the vintage feel. This means going for a subtle bell shape or loose, straight cut pants.

Also, to avoid looking too retro, when wearing patchwork denim, keep the rest of the look pared-back.

7. Denim Shirt

Lastly, don’t forget to add one or two denim tops to your wardrobe. They are comfortable and have an unbeatable cool, casual style.

Denim shirts provide an impeccable aesthetic look that is perfect for your weekend and casual wardrobe. They are also easy to style and can work any time of the year.

Since denim tops are comfy and have an effortless casual look, they are the perfect top for your outings and getaways with your family.

Denim shirts come in different styles, too. Long-sleeve tops can work in any season as long as you choose a lightweight fabric. A mid-blue loosely fitted shirt also pairs well with any pants and footwear.

Although you can fold your long sleeve denim shirt to wear during the warmer months, there are short-sleeve ones that you can put on during these seasons.

Short-sleeve denim shirts can work with different looks. If you want a versatile top, choose a lightweight one in a soft shade of blue. They look more feminine and relaxed, making them an excellent go-to piece during the hotter seasons.

This 2021, denim is still in. Be guided by these trends and you will look fabulous and fashionable any time of the year.


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