Full-Length Wall Mirror Ideas with Storage Space

Interior design is not a new concept. Interior design became popular in the 19th century in all homes. Unlike before, where the interior design was seen in wealthy families and royal homes, it became something that every homeowner could have. Interior design has evolved over the years as more interior styles roll out, get phased out, and regain their popularity. In this post, we discuss about Full-Length wall mirror ideas with storage space, to know read the complete post.

In the 21st century, many homeowners have developed a liking for minimalist interior design where they are working with the bare minimum to create airy spaces. People are doing all they can to minimize clutter in their homes, and this has bred tons of interior design ideas. Mirrors have become an essential part of interior design in most homes today for several reasons. For one, they reflect surfaces creating an illusion of space in small rooms. Also, they reflect light, increasing brightness in homes.

Decorative mirrors increase the beauty of a home, while when light falls on the surface of the mirror, it shimmers, adding elegance to the room. Mirrors can serve two functions at the same time in homes. That is, for decoration and storage. Here are some ideas for full-length mirrors with storage space.

Wall Mirror Ideas

1. Mirror with Ladder shelf

A full-length mirror with a ladder shelf can be placed anywhere in the house from the entryway, in the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, and even living room. It is a wise investment that will increase the storage space for shoes, hats, potted plants, crockery, fabric, bathroom items, and laundry products, to mention a few. 

Coupled with a mirror, a ladder shelf will add beauty to your space and minimize clutter. When placed in the bathroom and bedroom, it can help with grooming.

2. Mirror Back-shelf

A mirror back-shelf will provide additional space in a room, and at the same time, provide privacy for the stored items. A mirror back shelf can store books, personal effects, and many other items, depending on where it is placed. It is best used in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom. 

3. Mirrored high cabinet

Having this type of cabinet in your home comes with several benefits. It create an abundance of storage and use unused walls, be it in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Mirror cabinet helps declutter a room and have a more beautiful set up compared to many other storage options. 

A mirrored cabinet will reflect surfaces in the room that they will be placed to create an illusion of space and add brightness while at the same time. If there are items that are fragile and require inaccessible storage, maybe to keep them away from your kids, then this would be an ideal option.

4. Mirror with coat & shoe rack

This storage will provide you with the convenience of taking a glance to see if your outfit is coordinating before you step out. This full-length wall mirror is best placed in the entryway where you can easily hang your coat after a long tiresome day, and pick it on your way out. The mirror will create a statement every time it makes an entry into your home. 

5. Full-length mirror with bottom shelf

A full-length mirror with a bottom shelf can store different types of items depending on where it is placed. When placed in the living room, it can be used to store a few books and potted plants. In the bathroom, it can be used to store shampoos, towels, and other bathroom items. If placed in the bedroom, it would be perfect for storing a makeup box and other cosmetics. 

This is a minimalist design that will not consume so much space in your home. 

6. Large Wall Mirror with Hidden Makeup Storage

This can come in many designs depending on your preferences and, of course, the available amount of space. It could be a wall-mounted cabinet with a mirrored door. If you have a big bedroom, the makeup storage can come with a large mirrored door. It can also come with an extended pull-out makeup cabinet from the side.

7. Floor mirror with storage

A floor mirror erected several centimeters from the wall can provide storage space for shoes and other items. In this case, the storage will be the space left between the wall and the floor mirror. It is a stylish idea that will help you ensure that your space stays organized. The mirror can be framed or frameless depending on the effect you want.

Just do it – and be crafty 

Do away with the dull and conventional storage in your home and embrace the above stylish ideas. They are pretty affordable, and some can even be built using a DIY guide. Choose a style that works best with your space and blends with your interior design. This will provide you with tons of space to store different items at home.


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