Learn How to Paint Wooden Furniture

Paint Wooden Furniture

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This my first post for how to paint wooden furniture. I hope it is helpful for paint. I am not perfect painter but I have learned which is helpful for you. People painted dressers, tables, chairs, mirrors, bed etc. I faced many problems as like chips and peels and finishes are not smooth and many others. Firstly we need some things for painting.

1. A piece of wooden furniture
2. Mixing Sticks
3. Painter’s Tape
4. Furniture Finishing Wax
5. A fine grade sandpaper or sanding block
6. Paintbrush in a different of size
7. Paint color

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Sanding is an important part of a painting. Don’t skip this step. Proper sanding will ensure a smooth finish. it will not prone to chipping. It takes a lot of sanding to remove old paint and stain. We use to start using a fine grade sandpaper which is durable lacquer finish on the wooden piece. The stain/paint has been removed. then we switch to higher to get rid of any remaining stain/paint and to smooth out the surface.

We use sanding block sometimes but mostly we just use a piece of the plain sandpaper which can be bent and folded to reach into some areas. we were able to use the orbital sander on the top, inside, side and lower front side. Sand is enough to remove the sheen, the primer, and paint. Sand just the top until it’s no shiny. it will not be looking good and clean but it will hold the primer. It removes all the dust and will keep paint and primer from sticking. We use dry cloth for cleaning.

Now sanding has finished. Now we use the next step is priming.


Now we use a primer after sanding. When our wooden piece is clean when we move next step for primer. The paint roller is used to wide-spaced areas of wood surface and paintbrush along corners, edge. So we use a spray primer. It is faster and easy to use. It gives a neater and thinner coat then brush and roller.

Spray one coat and let it dry and again one more coat. Mostly we use gray and white color because Gray is the best for under dark paint colors, and white useful for the light colors. When we primer, we want to coat several times thin coat and let it dry for 10 minutes and so on.

Depending on the wood type, sometimes we need to sand before the last coat of primer. when top of the furniture we do not feel smooth. We just run sander on it and wipe it off then again apply primer one more coat on the wooden furniture. Now we ready to paint.


Now we paint of the wood. We will paint the surface of the furniture with the foam roller. It will be work quickly but don’t apply extra paint in a time. Our furniture will look good if we use several light coat rather than a single heavy coat. Paint should be thinner which is show a smooth finish.

We apply thin coat it look better and they will be more durable. Before using paint it mix very well and use a clean brush for a first coat. First coat should be very thin, then apply a second coat at least after 6 hours. Next coat should apply after totaly dry on wood. If we sanded to the wood , we have been careful to do a thin coat of paint and our funiture is look nice wood. So this process is repeat again and again and leave for the dry of wooden peice. Now the wood piece is ready.


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