Easy Mandir Decoration Ideas For Your Home

mandir decoration ideas

We all have a small and pretty mandir in our house. And as we all know that mandir is the most important part of our house and life. Whether you are a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or of any religion it is a place which everyone has in their house. So as we decorate the other parts of our house and the rooms, so we should also decorate our mandir. So with the easy mandir decoration ideas, you can decorate your mandir very well.

Mandir Decoration Ideas

Depending on their economic status people decorate their mandirs with colorful lights, carved wood panels, marble, and even expensive metals like silver and gold. So there are many ways to decorate mandir but DecoRatix will tell you some easy mandir decoration ideas for your home.

So don’t waste the time and come with us……

1.) Keep it Traditional but With the Best Modern Touch

traditional with modern touch | mandir decoration ideas

Decorate your mandir traditional with the modern touch. A design which is cool and modern but keeps up with the traditional look. We all normally prefer it in a traditional way for revering and glorifying. So go for some pretty textured walls with glass panel around and include a beautiful light to the ceiling.

You can use beads with pretty kuber diya and some other wonderful traditional things in your mandir to make your mandir pretty traditional with the modern touch. Use of these type of easy mandir decoration ideas is best for everyone.

2.) Go for Something New and Unique

new and unique | mandir decoration ideas

It is one of the simple and common mandir decoration ideas. And this idea is evergreen for your mandir. Use small readymade pretty “mandir” of marble or wood and add some new and unique style or patterns that can make your mandir different.

If you selecting a wooden one, then go for decent brown polished wood. Because it gives an amazing look. And if you choose a marble one then go for white polished marble, it will definitely perfect for your house mandir. And both provide a new and unique look for your mandir.

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3.) Create the Best and Perfect Atmosphere

perfect atmosphere | mandir decoration ideas

If you and your family have believers of many faiths then this form of best and creative mandir decoration ideas can be most helpful. We should always keep the atmosphere of our mandir room perfect.

And for this, we should add a pretty wallpaper with bright light to our mandir room. Also, the use of these type of mandir decoration ideas makes your mandir atmosphere peaceful.

4.) Glowing With a Pretty Orange Light

orange light | mandir decoration ideas

The colors yellow and orange are considered favorable. And the use of these type of mandir decoration ideas is perfect. And your mandir is positively glowing with these tones. The decorative paper brings a charming effect to your mandir.

And gives bright lighting in your statues of gods and goddesses in your mandir. This easy mandir decoration idea shows how smart lighting can enhance the beauty of a mandir room.

5.) Somber and Traditional

somber and traditional | mandir decoration ideas

Make your mandir like a traditional mandir with use of pretty marble flooring and a beautifully carved door. Use idols made of beautiful and precious stones to make your mandir somber and traditional.

Simultaneously, use a large chandelier to make your mandir somber and traditional. It is one of the best ideas for your easy mandir decoration.

6.) Pretty Golden Glow

golden glow | mandir decoration ideas

When you have a large area for your mandir room, so you can decorate your mandir room well enough without worrying about anything. Use of pretty golden glow in your mandir room is the best way to decorate your mandir. Use of golden glow increases your mandir room lighting. And this mandir decoration idea also in your budget.

7.) Use Beautiful Accessories

beautiful accessories | mandir decoration ideas

For decorating your mandir use pretty light up diyas, lamps, perfume sticks in front of your gods and goddesses. Decorate your pooja room or mandir with a beautiful variety of diyas. And use brass or silver oil lamps and perfume holders. Also, you can use a pretty pooja thali to decorate your mandir. These type of easy mandir decoration ideas is perfect for your mandir.

8.) Use Beautiful Marble Mandir

marble mandir | mandir decoration ideas

Make your pooja room perfect use beautiful marble mandir. It gives a decent and traditional look to your mandir. A traditional marble mandir surrounded by black and gold frames brings peace in the house.


Therefore, that’s all about the easy mandir decoration ideas for your home. So as you can know all the easy and unique mandir decoration ideas. Whether you want to use just one or all the best ideas to make your mandir pretty.

And you can also decorate your pooja room or mandir with a beautiful rangoli design with colorful flowers. So put some water in a vessel, include colorful flowers and floating pretty candles in it. And put it on the entrance of your mandir or pooja room.

Hope you all like this guide. Also, share it with your Peers! Any other idea for mandir decoration, feel free to tell us in the comment section.



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