Best Living Room Ideas To Decorate Your Home

way to decor your living area

If you’ve just started thinking about decorating your home, and first on the list is your living room, you might be surprised with placing all the parts together to make a peaceful and appealing whole. To decorate the living room well, we need simple living room ideas.

You have to consider paint colors for your living room walls, what types of furniture you already have and what you need, and how to design and accessorize it. But the first thing to think about yourself is what your decorating style is.

Staring at photos of living rooms helps you do that. Knowing this provides you signals along the decor road to help guide your decisions on paint colors, furniture, window coverings, floor covering and accessories.

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So here are 60 small living room ideas to decorate your home very well.

Living room ideas

  1. Use decent furniture
  2. Area rugs
  3. Use global fusion
  4. Hot spots
  5. Artistic palette
  6. Perfect art
  7. Choose perfect lighting
  8. Select the best paint colors
  9. A country tale
  10. Perfect measurements
  11. Room with a view
  12. Decorate with some mirrors
  13. Use natural colors
  14. Keep it cozy
  15. Include a hammock chair
  16. Go all white
  17. Keep curtains light
  18. Include ottomans
  19. Dark style
  20. A flash of brilliance
  21. Precious pieces
  22. Rethink your coffee table
  23. Hang curtains a couple inches higher
  24. Bring in dramatic color
  25. Play with scale
  26. Float furniture
  27. Opt for multiple-duty furniture
  28. Use smart lighting in your living room
  29. Display artwork strategically
  30. Buy low seating
  31. Into the blue
  32. A Sense of space
  33. Modern meets traditional
  34. Small change, big difference
  35. A Big impression
  36. Naturally laid black
  37. Rethink pink
  38. Opposites attract
  39. A New dimension
  40. Pattern play
  41. Monochrome and more
  42. Tactile textures
  43. Warming hues
  44. 21st-century update
  45. Golden era
  46. Streamlined style
  47. Wonder wall
  48. Original elements
  49. Change of purpose
  50. Style underfoot
  51. Slate and copper
  52. Use velvet sofa
  53. Navy walls
  54. Family-friendly
  55. Sheer curtains
  56. Blank space
  57. Bold and bright
  58. Classic elegance
  59. Keep it simple
  60. Lovely design

1. Use Decent Furniture

use decent furniture
use decent furniture

A general problem people have is not knowing how to manage their living room furniture. Arranging furniture is something that needs a little more preparation. There are important factors like picking a focal point, generating conversation areas, and considering traffic flow. We should always use decent furniture. By doing this our living room looks good.

2. Area Rugs

area rugs
area rugs           image source:

It can be a large problem spot and a challenge to get right in your living room. There are a number of reasons why it’s necessary to use them, but before purchasing something simply think about, make sure you know all the rules for area rugs.

The most important problem with any area rug is size. When an area rug is too short it can make the whole living room look confused so make sure you know the best size for your living room and the way your furniture is arranged. Area rugs are one of the biggest Ideas of living room ideas.

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3. Use Global Fusion

use global fusion
use global fusion                                             image source:

Let the bright textures and colors from far-flung places be the inspiration for your design. A dark wood floor and textured wallpaper give an excellent base for this wealthy look. Set up the luxe factor with a mix of tactile materials and gold accessories. The use of global fusion living room ideas is the best for everyone to make our living room good. 

4. Hot Spots

hot spots
hot spots                                                           image source:

Add a dull palette with highlights of bold or bright color through the lighting and accessories. This way you can attract attention to key sections of the living room – and ring the changes from period to period at an almost low cost.

5. Artistic Palette

artistic palette
artistic palette                                                      image source:

Use your living room into a classy piece with painterly patterned stuff, arty effects and a palette of soft colors. Select fine linens, cotton, and silks printed in washes of color as a starting point for your design. Team highly beautiful pieces with smooth furniture for a perfect balance of form and function.

6. Perfect Art

use perfect art in living room
use perfect art in living room                                                                                   image source:

Empty walls are a symbol of an incomplete living room. This doesn’t mean you have to fill each and every inch, but decorating the living room walls with art is most important.

It’s important, but it does not require to be expensive to make a cohesive and enticing look. What one person thinks art might be drastically different from what someone other thinks.

The best thing to do is to follow your senses when it comes to what you like and what will go in your living room. Get notified on the basic rules of what to fix and how to arrange it, and then let your mind be your guide.

7. Choose Perfect Lighting

use perfect lighting
use perfect lighting                  image source:

Perfect lighting is a somewhat difficult element of any room. In living rooms, it’s small so than in more practical rooms like kitchens, but there are however some most important factors that should not be ignored.

Most importantly, you should add each of the three important and main types of lighting: task, ambient, and accent. Perfect light sources should be placed at multiple levels throughout the living room. Consider overhead lights or recessed lighting, floor lamps and table, and wall sconces.

8. Select The Best Paint Colors

use best paint color
to use the best paint color                                                         image source:

Selecting just the right and best paint color is something a lot of people struggle with, and if there’s one thing that many people do wrong, it’s selecting the right and best paint color first.

Painting is relatively simple (painting can be a pain, but it’s not hard), and it’s inexpensive, so select your more expensive items first and then select a color based on them.

9. A Country Tale

country style
country style                                                      image source:

This classic or traditional country style design is made comfortable and informal with soft chairs and sofa, natural colors and neutral textures. The gilt-framed mirror and magnetic table lamps include a touch of charm to the look.

10. Perfect Measurements

perfect measurement
perfect measurement                                                                     image source:

No matter what part of the living room you’re working on, be it the rugs, furniture arrangements, or window treatments, make sure you know their perfect and ideal measurements and the size of the area where you want to place furniture parts.

Rules offer best and good guidance, but eventually, you have to do what works best and perfect for you in your space and is the most delightful to your eye.

11. Room With A View

room with a view
room with a view                                                  image source:

A sofa or couch with a below back looks modern and won’t interrupt a great view, as can be seen in this contemporary farmhouse in the Scottish Highlands.

12. Decorate With Some Mirrors

use some mirrors in your living room
use some mirrors in your living room                                   image source:

Designers often put mirrors strategically in little areas in order to make them feel larger. One of the most common little living room ideas is to hang a very large mirror in a middle location to build a focal point.

To catch the light and include a nice ambiance, put it behind a light source such as a pendant lamp or candles. If possible, put a mirror over from your window so it will show the view and give the image of another window.

13. Use Natural Colors

use natural color in your living room
use natural color in your living room                                image source:

One of the best and most popular small living room ideas is the use of neutral colors on your living room walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture upholstery.

A palette of beiges or off-whites will increase the space by appearing to push back your living room walls. Soft colors also tend to decorate a living room by reflecting light. In addition to increasing an area, a neutral palette allows instant elegance and makes a calming atmosphere.

14. Keep It Cozy

keep it cozy
keep it cozy                                                   image source:

“Cozy” is usually the keyword for “small” area. Making a living room cozy is very comfortable. Keep chairs close together, and select a plush, soft rug. Don’t you want to only curl up and rest?

15. Include A Hammock Chair

use hammock chair
use hammock chair                       image source:

Hammock chairs are super trendy or popular right now, but they’re also a lifesaver in a little living room. You can include seating without using up a weight of floor space like you would with a traditional armchair.

16. Go All White

all white in your living room
all white in your living room    image source:

Keep your living room floors and walls all white to lighten up space. A living room wall with wide-matted art and white frames blends in with the living room wall, so the effect is eye-catching — yet not a little cluttered.

That means you can create a colorful piece of furniture the focal point of the living room, so it’s not like the living room walls are closing in on you.

17. Keep Curtains Light

use curtains light
use curtains light                             image source:

Light curtains and shade assist maximize the light in a small living room. It’s also helpful if you can match them to your living room wall color.

18. Include Ottomans

use ottomans in your living room
use ottomans in your living room                image source:

Use ottomans in your living area of a traditional coffee table to create better use of your space (because let’s face it, a small home means your living room usually does double or triple work when somebody come over).

You can top them with a tray to hold books and flowers or call them into use as additional seating.

19. Dark Style

use dark style in your living room
use the dark style in your living room                 image source:

Moody shades and burnt orange tones make a welcoming, modern design. Balance a dark wall color with luxurious textures such as a wool covered sofa or couch and a smart chair in burnished leather.

20. A Flash Of Brilliance

A flash of brilliance
A flash of brilliance                   image source:

The bright teal sofa or couch and footstool in the living room of this Victorian home rich with bright or bold colors and unique features demonstrate a confident use of color that really makes the space to life.

21. Precious Pieces

precious pieces
precious pieces                               image source:

Incorporate vintage and antique furniture into a contemporary home, as seen in this Edinburgh flat, by adding multiple pieces from a related period.

22. Rethink Your Coffee Table

rethink about your coffee table
rethink about your coffee table  image source:

Use two little tables to take the place of one large coffee table. They’re better for traffic flow and simply went to wherever else you may require them.

23. Hang Curtains A Couple Inches Higher

Hang Curtains A Couple Inches Higher
Hang Curtains A Couple Inches Higher

image source:

Curtains hung well over a window include airiness and height to a small living room. Put the curtain design basic but use other stuff for fullness.

24. Bring In Dramatic Color

bring in dramatic color
bring in dramatic color                     image source:

Dark, bright walls make a sophisticated backdrop for easy, clean-lined items. Use the little space to your use and make it feel like a jewel-box.

25. Play With Scale

play with scale
play with scale              image source:

Don’t be scared of oversize chairs. Lots of small things in small places can create the living room feel cluttered, so hold to a few bigger items for comfort.

26. Float Furniture

use float furniture
use float furniture                      image source:

Resist the urge to sell all of your furniture up against the living room walls. If you make space behind the furniture, it creates the living room look spacious than it is. And use float furniture is the great living room ideas for making your living room perfect. 

27. Opt For Multiple-Duty Furniture

use multiple-duty furniture
use multiple-duty furniture                        image source:

Everyone can build a good design in a large space but if you have a lack of space, then real creativity of decor come in existence. So this desk can become a beautiful dining table, creating it perfect for entertaining.

28. Use Smart Lighting In Your Living Room

smart lighting in your living room
smart lighting in your living room                  image source:

Select smart lighting that can be added to the living room walls or attached from over to save living room on floor place. And rhythm Arm lamps also free up space on side tables.

29. Display Artwork Strategically

make display artwork strategically
make display artwork strategically                   image source:

Make your artwork up to trick the eye and increase or accentuate the height of the living room. A living room wall might seem too busy for a little space, but it can really make it feel bigger if it extends to the ceiling.

30. Buy Low Seating

buy low seating
buy low seating

image source:

A lower couch makes the visual impact of higher ceilings. Now includes pillows to create it more comfortable for lounging.

31. Into The Blue

use white and blue combination
use white and blue combination                image source:

White and blue is a classic color combination that’s excellent for a nautical scheme. Whale theme wallpaper includes a quirky twist to this timeless look.

32. A Sense Of Space

use light gray & cool white
use light gray & cool white

image source:

Light grey colors and cool white details bounce light around this contemporary living room. White wooden furniture also helps to keep the living room looking airy and bright.

33. Modern Meets Traditional

modern meets traditional
modern meets traditional                           image source:

An understated decorating scheme provides period features to light in this Victorian terrace.

Wall art is now more convenient than ever. This beautiful Blue Skies Framed Print by photographer Mike Shepherd deserves a place on each and every living room wall.

34. Small Change, Big Difference

neutral living room
neutral living room                            image source:

A simple Roman shade and textured flooring have resulted in a simple update for this neutral living room.

Modern, shaggy or traditional, Modern Rugs has a large selection for your floor.

35. A Big Impression

big impression
big impression                            image source:

Select eye-catching accessories and furniture to make an impression in a huge, airy living room with high ceilings – as seen in this Regency townhouse restoration that’s a complete mix of new and old.

Achieve a similar look with these most beautiful handcrafted Moroccan leather poufs by Bohemia.

36. Naturally Laid Black

use naturally laid black
use naturally laid black                image source:

Soft grey upholstery, white walls, and pale wooden furniture make a comfortable and welcoming look. Select a classic or perfect sofa as the centerpiece, then introduce the design with a mix-and-match collection of patterned pillows and a geometric rug.

This geometric rug by Traum would suit a modern home perfectly.

37. Rethink Pink

use pink things
use pink things                     image source:

Pink is still a large interiors trend! Layer soft rose with grey, select a classic or perfect sofa as the living room’s focal point and include pattern with beautiful pillows and a rug. Contrast the light colors with a statement coffee table and floor lamp.

If you have no space for a big coffee table, alternatives like this beautiful small selenite side table are top of our list.

38. Opposites Attract

opposites attract
opposites attract              image source:

Old sofas make a simple feel in this Victorian living room. Develop a sense of familiarity in an open-plan or large living room by providing to seat around a coffee table with a rug beneath. The aim is to make a cozy zone inside the space.

Full-length mirrors can make an image of space in a living room.

39. A New Dimension

new dimension
new dimension                           image source:

A corner sofa or couch, such as this leather Freya from DFS, can help to give shape to a featureless living room. A console table managed with tall vases is a clever idea that provides the scheme height.

40. Pattern Play

pattern play
pattern play                          image source:

The key to this colorful or bright look is to layer complex pattern on pattern while maintaining the backdrop understated. Stripes, spots, ikat color and prints block all work together wonderfully when united by a similar palette.

41. Monochrome And More

monochrome and more
monochrome and more                        image source:

A limited white and black color palette always look smart. But including just one or two pops of bright and beautiful color, such as in this Glasgow flat, will include a sense of fun.

42. Tactile Textures

tactile textures
tactile textures                image source:

The living room in this 1940s home is a celebration of luxurious surfaces. The plush carpet and velvet sofa are complemented by silky pillows for an excellent feelgood factor.

43. Warming Hues

warming hues
warming hues                      image source:

Choose a dull paint color with a warm tone as a backdrop for soft furnishings in rich brown shades. Team with classic or traditional patterns and select natural wooden furniture with simple modern lines to complement the look.

44. 21st-Century Update

21st-century update
21st-century update                      image source:

A dull color palette and an accent on including light and texture have changed this Grade II listed former schoolhouse living room into a family home.

45. Golden Era

golden era
golden era                            image source:

The living room in this 1950s home is an excellent example of how to satisfy your love of a selective interior style or season without the design becoming clichéd or too kitsch. Just add a few contemporary pieces for contrast.

46. Streamlined Style

streamlined style
streamlined style                       image source:

Smooth leather sofas or couches and chrome details give the living room in this Edwardian home a modern Bauhaus feel. The floor, although deep and dark, has a thoughtful surface that actually assists to bounce light around the space.

47. Wonder Wall

wonder wall
wonder wall                        image source:

A feature wallpaper helps to maintain the shape of this open-plan living room makeover. Plain white roller shades allow the value and beauty of the traditional or popular sash windows to shine through.

48. Original Elements

original elements
original elements                               image source:

While it’s modern and designed for the new living room, this derelict barn converted into a charming family home also creates a way of retaining original details, such as this shown stone wall.

49. Change Of Purpose

change of purpose
change of purpose                                image source:

This living room was basically a landing but an L-shaped sofa or couch and clever preparation have converted the extra space into a comfy rest zone.

50. Style Underfoot

style underfoot
style underfoot                                  image source:

A patterned carpet or rug, such as this striped pattern from Carpetright, works great when the living room walls are kept dull. Choose out a color from the carpet to coordinate with pillows and accessories.

51. Slate And Copper

use slate & copper
use slate & copper                         image source:

Combine metallic accents (we watch you, delightful end table) with traditional and popular wood items for included depth to your living room decor.

52. Use Velvet Sofa

use velvet sofa
use velvet sofa                           image source:

Make the living room feel more airer and fresh (and extremely bigger) by replacing a large separate with pretty seating. So velvet sofa/couch is the best for this.

navy walls
navy walls                                            image source:

Dramatic colors can flood a big living room, like this dark wallpaper. The deep or dark blue walls give a surprisingly neutral backdrop.

54. Family-Friendly

family-friendly                          image source:

Definitely, white furniture can work in a home with children. Simply select strong stuff (a leather couch/sofa) and surfaces (the lacquer table, the plastic rocker) that wash clean quickly and easily.

55. Sheer Curtains

sheer curtains
sheer curtains              image source:

This is the best way to bring light to the living room. Replace heavy stuff curtains with light ones, make sure the boards go all the way to the floor. And to emphasize a tall ceiling, climb the drapes about a foot above doors and windows.

56. Blank Space

blank space
blank space                    image source:

Begin with an all-white cover and swap in annual accents all year-round. This summery living room uses cool and best blues, nautical accents, and jute accessories for a beachy vibe.

57. Bold And Bright

bold and bright
bold and bright      image source:

Include nature into your living place with active hues and quirky secondhand finds, like this bright apartment’s coral furniture/couch and gilded accent pieces.

58. Classic Elegance

classic elegance
classic elegance      image source:

Place your couch/sofa under an oversized window to permit the sunlight and outside scene to be the center point of an otherwise neutral living room.

59. Keep It Simple

keep it simple
keep it simple                    image source:

Try a less-is-more approach by holding to clean lines and a dull color palette. An area rug and throw cushions keep the place inviting and warm.

60. Lovely Design

use lovely design
use lovely design                     image source:

This regular living room gives off pops of kelly green, graphic prints, and bright golds to create a statement that is cohesive, but far from boring.


In homes that lack a drawing room or parlor, the living room may also work as a gathering room for your guests. The living room is the best part of everyone house. And decorated our living room very well is to necessary. Because the living room is the starting point of our house. So with these simple 60 ideas, you can make your living room very good.



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