7 Sugar-Coated DIY Entryway Tables to Glam-up Living Room

7 Sugar-Coated DIY Entryway Tables to Glam-up Living Room

Putting the pieces of interior decor in the house is the same as joining together the blocks of a puzzle. One piece can change the entire game if placed correctly, the house looks ravishing just like a complete puzzle.

If it is the other way round, then the whole look turns upside down. So, you need to begin the puzzle with the right piece of interior for the entire game of decor to fall into place.

Have something to begin the interior decor with? No, then you stand at just the right place. This article will take you into the unparalleled ideas of a DIY entryway table.

A lot of people are engrossed in taking cues for wallpapers, textures, fixtures and TV unit decor. While that did not suffice the hunt of ideas goes into creating rooms based on themes and stories.

But, how often have we thought that entryway table can be the patron of a house decor? Guess there would be a wave of silence…

Little did you know that these tables spiff up the shine and dime of the house. An entryway table is probably the first thing a dweller or visitor would see as they enter the house.

The treasure of the sea unfolds when we say that these entryway tables can be crafted from old furniture sitting in a lone corner of the house.

Time to enclose the table talks and step towards a real shine and dime… Fetch some awe expressions for your house with these self-made table ideas.

1.  A Dresser turned to Entryway Table

A Dresser turned to Entryway Table
A Dresser turned to Entryway Table

We have always heard about recycling the old stuff back into a useful space. No wonder how they seem to add a nostalgic look.

Have some recycling ideas for entryway table? Even we bring creativity down the storage of your house.

Pick an old dresser lying in the pile of furniture, hold a brush and paint. The magic of colors will give the table a fresh and exciting look.

2.  Palettes become a Table

Palettes become a Table

The palette design of the table can be made super-skinny, keeping only essentials on the table. Also, it is a beauty delight that saves space to walk in the entrance hall.

Join the wooden planks in checkered style, where each piece joins to form a small square.

P.S. This gives strength to the table for standing affirm.

And if you have some shapes in your mind, go for it. Palettes are never going to deny to any shape you give them.

But if you follow our design, then don’t forget to add a bigger plank on top of the rectangle design. With some extra paint and designs, your DIY entryway table completes successfully.  

3.  Slide the Entryway Table Doors

Slide the Entryway Table Doors
Slide the Entryway Table Doors

The sliding entryway table is made from the rustic wooden piece found lying in the scraps of the wooden pile. Out of this chunk, you can create a broad and vintage table which opens and closes with sliding doors.

What’s more? The table can use all kinds of crafts and artistic pieces to enhance the look and feel of the house entrance.

The open spaces created beside the doors have some cool space to store all the essentials. Add a plant on the top shelf to make the living room more life-like.

4.  In the Wonderland of Rustic Table

Wonderland of Rustic Table
Wonderland of Rustic Table

A French Vanilla rustic table brings in the essence of the old and sweet smell of furniture. It goes well with any background, no matter even if your house is ultra modern.

You can always paint the table in contrast to the living room. What adds to the glitz and glamour is adding tits and bits of decor.

Ideas like old age lamps, rustic photo frame laundry basket under the table make the entryway sparkle like a Star.

5.  The Sleek and Matte Entryway

Like common sense is not so common, the classic and sleek design of entryway table has become a unique treat for the eyes.

More and more people have drawn their imagination towards the crafty and unusual design. But the basic matte table stands as the eternal masterpiece.

Keep the table simple and sorted with sophisticated decors.

And while black is the universal color, such sleek tables look fanatic in bold brown shades.

6.  Wooden Table and its Eternal Glory

Who says wooden tables are the forgotten art. People around the famous interior house begin their creativity exploring the treasures of wooden caves.

It is the Patron of all table designs, as a block of wood can be shaped into endless designs. As an addition to its beauty, it acts well with the shiny or matte layer.

Make way for drawers on both sides of the table, which we assume is standing on four separate legs.

The top shelf can take numerous decor pieces, the best ones to keep are, a photo frame, key stand, a tiny sapling if placed to enhance the living room.

Thus, you have a wooden table protected for years and years to come. Its shine can always be revived back with a touch of paint.

7.  Tree table: A one of a kind furniture

What do trees give us except for oxygen, fruits vegetables, wood, etc. Here the only thing that helps with the interior is wood.

However, we are talking a unique part to create an entryway table, i.e trunk of the tree. No polishing no shaping, just cutting out the trunk as a DIY project.

Shape the natural wooden piece such that it gives a balancing surface to place things on the top. You can give a curvy shape to the table so that the space beneath acts as open storage.

Afford the Glam of Interior

We have seen so many peeps complaining that sophisticated and unique pieces of decor make a hole in your pocket.

While some do not wish to spend too much, some don’t have the budget.

Architectures Ideas brings some pocket-friendly DIY tips to light. So that next time you don’t have to compromise on the decor of the house.

If entryway ever skipped from your mind, it’s time to take a special note on the first impression of the house.

“Even small Foyers are the first impression” this was the idea quoted by interior designer Peter Dunham. He further gave a piece of advice to make this piece of furniture classy and bold.

As a matter of fact, you are not only pleasing the guests but creating a jolly atmosphere when coming back from the office.


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